Linzer Cookies

I’m sure you know these cookies. Another one of my favourite traditional Christmascookie recipes veganized. And I promise, you won’t taste a difference! They’re super easy to make and I think they taste best with redcurrant jam because the slightly sour flavour adds the special something! And rather roll out the dough a little thinner than too thick. You’re gonna stick two together in the end anyways and if they’re too thick you won’t taste the jam as much. The cookies on the picture almost turned out a little bit too thick. 3mm should be fine!


  • 200g flour
  • 100g sugar
  • 120g vegan butter
  • 1tbsp ground flaxseeds
  • 60g ground almonds
  • redcurrant jam
  • powdered sugar


  1. Add all dry ingredients to a bowl and mix them.
  2. The butter should have roomtemperature, so take it out of the fridge an hour before you start or microwave it for about 20-40 seconds.
  3. Add the butter to the bowl and mix it in with a hand mixer.
  4. Then kneed the dough with your hands and put it in the fridge for at least 2 hours or overnight.
  5. Roll the dough out on a floured baking board (about 3mm thick) and cut out round cookies. Cut a little star, circle, heart or what ever you like, out of half of the round cookies. I always put one row whole cookies and one row cookies with hole on the baking tray to make sure I have the same amount of both.
  6. Place the cookies on a baking tray lined with baking paper and let them cool for 15-20 minutes (if it’s cold outside just let them sit outside for a while).
  7. Preheat the oven to 190-200°C / 370-380°F and bake the cookies for about 10-12 minutes until they’re slightly golden brown and let them cool down.
  8. Place all cookies with hole on a baking sheet or grid and dust them with powdered sugar.
  9. Add a couple tablespoons of the redcurrant jam to a small pot and heat it up on the oven until it’s more liquid. Turn off the oven but let the pot on the stove to keep the jam liquid. Add a dollop of jam onto a whole cookie and stick a cookie with hole on top. Be careful not to smudge the powdered sugar. Repeat until all cookies are turned into sandwiches and let them cool down.
  10. Enjoy.

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