About me

Hello and welcome on my blog! 🙂

My name is Eva. I’m 23 years old, fitnessfreak, banana-junkie and vegan foodie. I love being in nature, travelling and being creative.

This is the place where I’ll share my favourite recipes with you. Everything vegan and refined sugar free.

If you’re interested in topics like nutrition, fitness, health, sustainability and veganism then this is the place for you! More about that soon.

Why I’m vegan?
I decided to go vegan in December 2015 and was vegetarian for one year before. In my opinion going vegan is a one-way ticket. Sure it takes some time to get used to a different diet/lifestyle and for some that may be longer or shorter but once you know the endless delicious food options you have as a vegan you will never want to go back. Your body just feels so much better when you nourish it with plants and knowing that you don’t support animal cruelty with your food choices is a great feeling. I’m vegan for the animals, the environment and my own health. Learn more here.

I hope you will enjoy reading and try some of my recipes 🙂 If you do I would be happy about a comment or if you tag me on Instagram @fitomatoes.

Lots of love,