Nicecream Basics

This is the famous ‘nice’ version of icecream 😉 . ‘Nice’ because it is refined-sugar free, dairyfree and extremely delicious. I can not describe my love for this creamy goodness with words … it is a lovestory that started with the first spoonful of raspberry nicecream that I took on the 23rd of July 2015. From that day on I had nicecream almost every day in lots of different variations for breakfast, lunch or dinner or as a snack. It killed my handheld blender (that survived almost 1 year!) and then I invested in a highspeed blender which makes it much easier and is definitely worth it!

How to make it?

All you need are ripe (they should have brown spots!!) bananas, other fruits and flavours of your choice, a freezer and a good blender.

I usually take 4-5 frozen bananas because I eat nicecream as a entire meal (like breakfast), but for the beginning you can take 3 bananas or less.
Just keep in mind that it might be easier for your blender if you use more bananas (at least that is the case with mine).


  1. Cut your bananas into medium slices, fill them in a container and put them in the freezer over night or for at least 8 hours.
  2. Take them out of the freezer and let them defrost for a couple minutes (in the sun or put the container in hot water)
    !! But the bananas should still be hard and frozen!! You will find out how it works best for your blender over time.
  3. Put the bananas into your blender and blend them on highspeed. You will have to push the bananas/nicecream down (either while blending or pause the blender to push them down, depending on which blender you have) so that they reach the blades. Blend until you have a creamy texture 🙂
  4. Ready to serve

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